Audio transformers, reflections.

Poca 09/27/2011
In any case, you is right that many specifications today are a joke, I think the audio-electronics today is much more a victim of marketing and design commitments in the era of "those old hulks" even though you now have a greater understanding and possibly part of the problem are new advances that will achieve acceptable specifications a ridiculous price and that much of the industry has left the old philosophy do things best. Although thankfully not completely all, that if ever is more difficult to discern between fact and conscientiously manufactured to stick fast pitch and pasta fortunately that sometimes the results achieved by equipment manufactured "commercially" are surprisingly quite good.



Vintage equipment Vs present artifacts - blind test.

beard500 mon Jun 2 2014 - 20:02
Well, it's not just any old thing is vintage. This yours, I have not looked at what year it is, but by appearance, it is mid / late 80 s. It is considered the golden age of vintage ended in the early 80 s. From that moment, a fierce fight broke out between manufacturers, and to beat the competition entered the price war; for this purpose they were to reduce the cost of equipment, and thereby ... quality components. And that is seen in everything from the look to the solid construction.


beard500 mon Jun 2 2014 - 21:51
I've always fantasized with the possibility of listening an equipment of these, but new. A NOS. To really see how they sounded when the components were not over 40 years, in which listen there is always a resistance that has changed, or is out of tolerance, a transistor which has undergone changes in polarization, a diode and a little exhausted, a weld improved, etc, etc. But also do not forget something important, and if the measurements and the laboratory can really reflect how sounds an apparatus. In other words, perhaps the specifications of a modern apparatus are better than an old, but does that translate into a more pleasant sound, more musical? (on the basis that these adjectives are subjective).



God, how the Sansui sounds!!! ...


TheBalance thu jul 24 2014 - 20:50
I am absolutely amazed of as sounds the Sansui au6500..  It is, with difference, the best amplifier than passed through my hands, already they went of transistors or of valves. Even being totally of origin, I listen some details, transparency, lifelikeness, delicacy, and at the same time a push and forces tremendous, that make the listens something addictive.  I'm rediscovering recordings I did not put before because I thought they were a chestnut, as in cd remasters of the Moody Blues, and now they sound me looser, detailed, aired..  Besides, form a tandem perfect with the loudspeakers Philips 22rh427, and with the B&B dm4. IMPRESSIVE. I to times think: if the small one of the series sounds thus, as should sound the older brother, the mythical Sansui au9500??".. And that that, for the time being, I listen it with all of origin while I go restoring, little to little, the au555. When have it also revised, how will sound?? I became one of the greatest admirers of Sansui. Impressive amplifiers.

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The p. ...... swindles of the Hi-Fi  


4motion Jan 23-2012, 18:50
I understand you perfectly.
I am fond of Hi-Fi and I have a equipment that my grandparents bought the amplifier is a Grundig when Grundig was a big german brand, silver, beautiful, full of lights, and sounds like eternal angels, with their corresponding tape deck and tuner radio, yes I I know, I'm an antique, a CD player vintage TECHNICS that gives a delicacy and reproducing sound CDs recorded (there was a lot they did, then) and the disc turntable is TECHNICS a jewel. if I had a problem I've got parts in Germany and everyone is like first day, you open one inside and you see the quality of the components, the perfect design its various components, nothing compared to the actual shit. Sitting with good headphones, good wine and listen to Lisa Stansfield (it's my therapy relax, apart from the one that already imagine yourself) waiting to get the final solar storm and the great Mad Max is something that I have in mind and I think that in view of the latest developments I shall soon experience its fullness. Others will bite them with a shitty Ipod in their ears, even to die there will be classes.


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Karlanga published march 11 2012 - 09:29

In truth that the theme gives for much, and has been constant discussion the relative to the Hi-FI, since that I have memory, the clear thing is that at present equipment with quality of high fidelity almost not exist, as say chuki, the theme is interesting and would be good to analyze it with calm and obviously with knowledge....